VIDEO: CANT STAY MOTIVATED? Try These 5 Tips To Reach Any Goal

In counselling I work with clients every day to achieve both long and short term goals. The same question always comes up; how to get motivated and how to stay motivated?
We know motivation is key to changing or overcoming anything but often we think of it as something were born with or not.From what I’ve seen that’s not the case. Watch the video or see the write up below.

I see motivation as a skill you can learn, practice and most of all, get better at.

Tip Number 1 – KNOW YOUR WHY
Motivation starts here!
In a great Ted Talk by Simon Sinek (link below) he asks how some people are able to achieve what others think is impossible. With examples from Apple, Martin Luther King and the Wright Brothers, his conclusion is to start with your ‘why’. Through his research he’s found the why is more powerful than the what or the how.
So when you’re setting a goal or an intention, think first about why it’s so important to you.I Your goal might be to lose weight but your why is to be healthy, active or have more energy energy. Or you may want to quit an addiction but your why is to improve your health or relationships.

Like motivation we can think that inspiration is something that comes and goes. And it is if we don’t go looking for it!
I wrote in my last blog about using social media to feel better not worse. And one of the ways you can use it to up your motivation is to sign up for updates from people who inspire you in the area you’re trying to change. These little nudges can come when you need them and remind you your goal IS possible.
Don’t just be limited to that. Seek out people who’ve done what you want to do, read autobiographies or talk to people you know who’ve already done it.

Tip Number 3 PLAN IT!
A study in the British Journal of Health Psychology* found that 91 percent people who planned their intention to exercise by writing down when and where they’d exercise each week ended up following through. This beat other groups who were asked to just track their exercise or given a leaflet on the health benefits.
So if you want to make a change, plan the steps you need to reach it.

Building on tip 3, its important to think about the size of the next step you’re taking.If your steps are too big, you risk not meeting your goal and giving up. But if your steps are too small you can lose motivation when you’re not seeing the results you want. Or feel ashamed that you’re not progressing fast enough. So make sure its big enough to challenge you but not put you off.

This last one is a big one! Know that although the people around you may want to support you, they’ll also be coming from their own perspective. Maybe their outlook on change is pessimistic. Or they want to protect you from disappointment. Or maybe they don’t take risks themselves and it makes them uncomfortable when others do.
Either way, view other peoples reactions and responses as statements about them and their belief system. Not about you.

Use any of these 5 tips that work for you. And I encourage you to go for it! If you’ve got any feedback or need help with anything Ive talked about here, please get in touch.

*Huffington Post Article

Simon Sinek – Start With Why – TED Talk Short Edited


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