VIDEO: How To Deal With Unwanted Persuasion, Manipulation & Guilt-Tripping

You’ve probably been there – you’re chatting easily with someone when the conversation goes in a direction you’re not comfortable with. Then you hear; “But you’re so good at these things, perhaps you could just…”, or “If you don’t help me I don’t know what I’ll do” or the classic “If you loved me you’d […]

What It Takes To Change Your Limiting Beliefs

I’d just got home from work and it came on in a flash. I couldn’t breathe and my heart was beating so hard it hurt. My legs were shaking and all I wanted to do was run. But I didn’t run because I knew what it was. It had been happening for weeks. Every time […]

VIDEO: CANT STAY MOTIVATED? Try These 5 Tips To Reach Any Goal

In counselling I work with clients every day to achieve both long and short term goals. The same question always comes up; how to get motivated and how to stay motivated? We know motivation is key to changing or overcoming anything but often we think of it as something were born with or not.From what […]

VIDEO: Why Positive Thinking is as Dangerous as Negative Thinking

There’s a lot of talk about the power of positive thinking and if you’re dealing with something difficult it can be tempting to think that’s the solution. But if you’ve ever tried it, you’ll know it’s not that simple. Like negative thinking, positive thinking brings its own problems. Here, I’ll reveal an alternative I use […]

It’s nearly here….

Hi! You may have noticed I haven’t posted for a while. There are two big reasons for that and I’m excited to share them with you here. 1) My Counselling Ebook. Most counselling books are written for counsellors. This one’s different, it’s written for you. Whether you’re thinking of going for counselling or you’ve just […]

Are you getting what you want but not what you need?

I had the chance to go on a trip to Hong Kong recently. Amazing! You might be thinking. I wasn’t so sure. I had no time to plan and it was way out of my comfort zone – I’d barely got my head around it by the time we were on the plane. Part of […]