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If someone you care about was going through something difficult, would you know how to respond? Often, its not a lack of care but a lack of knowledge. In this video I’ll show you why ‘just’ listening is so important and why we find it so hard to do. I’ll also share 3 pointers to […]

VIDEO: How To Deal With Unwanted Persuasion, Manipulation & Guilt-Tripping

You’ve probably been there – you’re chatting easily with someone when the conversation goes in a direction you’re not comfortable with. Then you hear; “But you’re so good at these things, perhaps you could just…”, or “If you don’t help me I don’t know what I’ll do” or the classic “If you loved me you’d […]

6 steps for a better ‘conversation’ on mental health

You’ve probably seen the young Royals new charity ‘Heads Together’ and their aim to get people talking and sharing their stories to reduce the stigma of mental health. You might even have seen the BBC documentary ‘Mind over Marathon’ that follows 10 people training for the London marathon as a way to deal with their […]