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When NOT To Trust Your Feelings

“Trust Your Feelings” this is something we hear a lot and as a counsellor you might think I’d agree. And I do. But also, I don’t! I’ve worked with people long enough to know it’s not as straight forward as that. Life is a contradiction. So here I set out my way of working with […]

What It Takes To Change Your Limiting Beliefs

I’d just got home from work and it came on in a flash. I couldn’t breathe and my heart was beating so hard it hurt. My legs were shaking and all I wanted to do was run. But I didn’t run because I knew what it was. It had been happening for weeks. Every time […]

VIDEO: Why Positive Thinking is as Dangerous as Negative Thinking

There’s a lot of talk about the power of positive thinking and if you’re dealing with something difficult it can be tempting to think that’s the solution. But if you’ve ever tried it, you’ll know it’s not that simple. Like negative thinking, positive thinking brings its own problems. Here, I’ll reveal an alternative I use […]

5 ways to deal with disappointment

My friend’s cat, Tilly, had kittens yesterday. I was there to enjoy it all – a beautiful event. Mum and all four babies are fine and well but I couldn’t say the same for my friend. She was anxious before, during and after the birth, so I went round to see her this morning. She […]

Be happy! Is choosing your emotions a myth?

As spring gathers pace you may be noticing a whiff of optimism in the air, a brisk breeze of positivity or maybe even an up-shoot of joy. Or you could be feeling none of these things; if so, this post is for you. A lot of my clients have more than one problem. There’s the […]