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No-one’s Opinion Of You Is More Important Than Your Own

Feel like you’re being judged? Maybe you’re painfully aware of it or it’s hidden deeper down. Most of us know what it’s like to worry about how people see us. It starts in school but doesn’t end there. It’s a rare person who’s completely unconcerned by what others think unless they’ve done the work to […]

Are you getting what you want but not what you need?

I had the chance to go on a trip to Hong Kong recently. Amazing! You might be thinking. I wasn’t so sure. I had no time to plan and it was way out of my comfort zone – I’d barely got my head around it by the time we were on the plane. Part of […]

5 ways to deal with disappointment

My friend’s cat, Tilly, had kittens yesterday. I was there to enjoy it all – a beautiful event. Mum and all four babies are fine and well but I couldn’t say the same for my friend. She was anxious before, during and after the birth, so I went round to see her this morning. She […]

Be happy! Is choosing your emotions a myth?

As spring gathers pace you may be noticing a whiff of optimism in the air, a brisk breeze of positivity or maybe even an up-shoot of joy. Or you could be feeling none of these things; if so, this post is for you. A lot of my clients have more than one problem. There’s the […]

It’s Easy To Put People In Boxes

You don’t see adverts like this every day;“Its easy to put people in boxes. There’s us and there’s them.” So begins Danish broadcasting network, TV2s, new advert. This short video (now viral on Youtube) shows different groups of people asked to stand in boxes taped to the floor; high earners, low earners, those we trust […]

The secret to a happier Christmas (and a gift for you)

Love it or hate it, Christmas is back. Have you wondered why a holiday of celebration can be so – stressful? Whether you’re feeling responsible for others enjoyment (have you got the right gifts / food / games?) Or you’re quietly seething over last year’s gifts and don’t know if you can pretend its fine […]