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What It Takes To Change Your Limiting Beliefs

I’d just got home from work and it came on in a flash. I couldn’t breathe and my heart was beating so hard it hurt. My legs were shaking and all I wanted to do was run. But I didn’t run because I knew what it was. It had been happening for weeks. Every time […]

It’s nearly here….

Hi! You may have noticed I haven’t posted for a while. There are two big reasons for that and I’m excited to share them with you here. 1) My Counselling Ebook. Most counselling books are written for counsellors. This one’s different, it’s written for you. Whether you’re thinking of going for counselling or you’ve just […]

Looking for answers? Maybe you’re asking the wrong questions

In times of uncertainty and fear we often have questions going round inside our heads. And right now is one of those times for many people politically, socially and personally. Questions are powerful. They can shift our perspective and emotions or bog us down further into hopelessness, anger and fear. The sign a question is […]