Confidence and self-esteem are crucial to our ability to make choices and live life the way we want. If you feel you’re missing opportunities and avoiding things you really want to do, then it could be due to low confidence and / or self-esteem.

Low confidence and self-esteem can be triggered by current or past events, or have it’s roots in childhood. If you feel stuck in negative thoughts and feelings that are holding you back in work, uni, relationships (or any area of life) finding the right support can make a real difference.

Our levels of confidence and self-esteem can vary dramatically at different times, it’s rare to have consistently high levels due to the challenges of life. But it is possible to do something about it by adapting the way you see life and yourself, and learning how to pick yourself up when things go wrong. Not sure how this could work for you? Read on…

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My self esteem has increased significantly and I feel more able to be alone with myself. I have a greater sense of how my childhood relationships, losses and experiences impact my current life and have experienced a different way of relating and being related to
Vicki, Cardiff

Confidence and Self-esteem: What’s the Difference?

They have a lot in common (and often work together) but confidence usually relates to something we do in life (applying for a new job, passing our driving test) while self-esteem is how we feel about ourselves.

I can help by working with you to explore the thoughts and feelings keeping you stuck and help you uncover where they might be coming from. Understanding ’cause and effect’ can help us move away from seeing our thoughts as concrete facts. We all have ‘blind spots’ (often in the way we see ourselves) but that means we’re only getting part of the picture. I can help you discover what your ‘blind spots’ might be so you can make decisions based on a broader perspective.

How We’ll Work

In our session’s we’ll work in these three ways;

1) Awareness:-
First we’ll look at your thoughts and feelings, seeing how they’re connected and where they’re coming from.

2) Curiosity
Next we’ll look at the other factors that may be involved (the things you might have missed).

3) Self-Care
Then we’ll turn our attention to your relationship with yourself – the things you do just for you and how you see yourself.

4) Testing it Out
When you’re ready, we’ll look at ways you could start testing out your beliefs. Don’t worry – we’ll go as gently as you need to. Even small changes can make a real difference.

5) Review
The last step is to look at the outcome; what you’ve learned, alongside your new self-care and wider awareness. Once you’ve practiced these steps a few times you’ll be able to apply them to future situations and low confidence and self-esteem won’t have the same power to hold you back.

And if you’d like to find out more, please download my free resource on confidence and self-esteem here.

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